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Community Garden Standards

Standards for the Southbury Community Garden:

We hope you enjoy your garden and may your crops be plentiful. For the benefit of everyone and to maintain a safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere, there are requirements we ask all gardeners to read, understand and agree to. Your cooperation with these requirements will help everyone have an enjoyable and prosperous garden.

  • Plan to spend a minimum of 1 to 2 hours per week at the garden maintaining your plot and surrounding pathways.
  • We strongly encourage you to donate part of your harvest to the Southbury Food Bank (                                                    
  • Plots must be prepared by May 15, initial planting can take place later.
  • Each gardener is responsible for planting and maintaining their individual plot and the surrounding walkways.
  • If it is not apparent that you have been working on your plot at any time during the growing season, you will be contacted and you will have one week (7 days) to attend to your plot, after which time your plot/produce may be forfeited.
  • Participate in garden maintenance days scheduled throughout the growing season. 
  • Do not leave anything in the walkways. This includes piles of weeds pulled from your garden.  Dispose of weeds along tree line or carry them home for disposal.  
  • Water and hoses are available to gardeners at two spigots within the garden. You are responsible for making sure your plot is adequately watered. Please neatly rehang hoses and turn off water after use.
  • Black plastic mulch is prohibited. Newspaper and/or cardboard are approved weed block materials within the garden.
  • No debris of any kind may be left in the garden.
  • All posted park rules apply to the Community Garden.
  • Only vegetables & some fruits may be planted in the boxes, reach out with questions.
  • Corn, raspberries, mint and other invasive vegetation is not permitted.
  • Keep the gates to the garden closed at all times.
  • Each gardener is encouraged to clear their plot of stakes, fencing and all inorganic materials and garden debris at the end of the growing season.
The use of the land as a site for this community garden is contingent on our (the members of the garden) ability to maintain it. This includes mowing and weed control in and around the garden. Please contact us with questions/ comments at
We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful garden; your cooperation with these requirements will help everyone have an enjoyable and prosperous garden.    Thank you!