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TeenScape Cell Phone & Behavior


I. All campers are responsible for their own possessions, money, and personal belongings
. These include: Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets, Headphones, iPods, Cameras. The Southbury Parks & Recreation Department, Town of Southbury, Camp and Department staff are not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Campers are solely liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items/money.
II: Laptops are prohibited at camp.
III: Cell Phones may be used during the bus commute only. Unwarranted or excessive usage may result in disciplinary action by TeenScape Staff, Parks & Recreation Director, or Additional Parks & Recreation Employees.
IV: Campers are prohibited from photography/video of other campers or staff for public dissemination on social media, advertising, or print is not permitted and may result in disciplinary action if warranted.  Southbury Parks and Recreation employees may take photos of campers for the Town of Southbury social media and marketing purposes. Parents/Guardians who do not want their child, photographed/filmed by Southbury Parks and Recreation employees will need to state this on the General Camp Form under the Photography/Video Section.
V: Campers must wear a designated TeenScape Camp shirt to camp every day in order to participate in the day’s trip. Any camper who fails to arrive with the proper TeenScape shirt will not be allowed to take part in the day’s trip. Altering of TeenScape shirts in any manner (i.e. cutting or customizing) is prohibited.
VI: Usage of vulgar language is prohibited at camp and will not be tolerated.
VII: Bullying/Assaulting a camper in any manner can result in a one-day, two-day, week, or permanent, non-refundable ban for the remainder of the TeenScape program/session. Incidents will be discussed with the TeenScape Director & Southbury Parks & Recreation Director.
VIII: Smoking, Alcoholic beverages, Vaping, E-Cigarette usage, or any drug usage will result in a permanent ban from the TeenScape Program.
IX: Campers are expected to adhere to all rules presented by the Southbury Parks & Recreation Department. Failure to adhere to rules, instructions given by staff, and regulations of the venue may result in disciplinary action by Parks & Recreation Director or Recreation Supervisor. These actions may range from speaking with the parent/guardian, single trip suspension, multiple Trip suspension, or expulsion, based upon the severity of the offense.