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Summer Swim Lessons: Ages 6mo+

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Younger Swimmers
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SWIM LESSONS at the Southbury Town Pool at Ballantine Park

Swim lessons at the Southbury Town Pool are very popular and are offered on a first come first served basis. Class size is limited so please register early. There are many lessons to choose from on weekday mornings, weekday evenings, and Saturday mornings, however all lessons will not be offered at all times. Private lessons are available in July by contacting the Southbury Parks & Recreation office.
Swim Lesson Sessions for Summer 2023 are as follows:
          Monday-Wednesday-Friday Morning      Session A     June 26 – July 14
          Monday-Wednesday-Friday Morning      Session B     July 17 – August 4
          Monday-Thursday Evening                      Session A     June 26 – July 14
          Monday-Thursday Evening                      Session B     July 17 – August 4
          Saturday Morning                                    Sessions A&B     June 24 - July 29

All lessons are 30 minutes long, with the exception of the Level 5 lesson which will run for 45 minutes.

Swim Lesson Level Descriptions:
Parent & Tot Lessons: AGES 6 mo.-3yrs.
This is an introduction to water where the parent/guardian is in the water with the child. Children will enjoy splashing, floating, kicking, and group activities with parents and other children their age. The goal is to acclimate our youngest pre-swimmers to an aquatic environment at an early age so they are comfortable, happy and ready to learn the basic swimming skills at the next level without a parent.  Any children who are not potty-trained MUST wear a swimming diaper AND a bathing suit OR plastic pants.
This program is for children ages 6 months to 3 years old.

Preschool Lessons: AGES 3-5yrs.
This water readiness class enables younger swimmers to enjoy the water without a parent/guardian. Together with instructors, they will take part in various games, songs and activities designed to make them comfortable in the water while providing the basics needed to swim. The goal of this lesson will be for the child to feel confident enough to put their face in the water. All participants should be able to separate from their parent easily.

This lesson helps children feel comfortable in the water while they learn elementary water and safety skills. Swimmers must be able to separate easily from parents. The goal is to build confidence and begin to feel comfortable with breath holding, putting their face in, blowing bubbles, bobbing with bubbles, and forward movement. The goal is to and move forward in the water at least 5 feet with their face in.

Level 2 FLOATERS must be able to put their face in, hold their breath, bob and blow bubbles. Swimmers will learn to float on their front and back and glide a bit on both sides. Fundamental kicking and breathing skills will be introduced. Focus will be on encouraging floating and gliding forward in the water for several feet.  
Level 3 KICKERS must be able to hold their breath and float independently. Swimmers will learn to combine kicking with gliding on their front and on their back. They will work to develop endurance needed to kick 15 feet. Jumping into deep water will be introduced with gliding and kicking back to the wall encouraged.   

Level 4 swimmers will continue to build confidence in the water and will continue to work on breathing, gliding and kicking on top of the water, both on their fronts and on their backs. Swimmers will work to get their arms out of the water, on their fronts and on their backs. Rotary breathing with freestyle arm stroke will be added, and swimmers will work to coordinate breathing with freestyle arms and legs in order to swim for at least 20 feet. The goal will be to swim a full lap without stopping.

Swimmers will continue to build endurance in the water and will continue to work on the freestyle technique. Emphasis will be on coordinating freestyle breathing with freestyle arms and legs, as well as proper arm rotation with backstroke kicking. Breaststroke and butterfly will be introduced. The goal is to swim 2 laps of the pool without stopping. Racing starts will be introduced in this lesson.


Swim Lesson Need to Know:

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your child’s lesson so they benefit from the entire lesson and do not have to join once the lesson is underway.
Children should arrive for lessons in their swim suit. Children with long hair should have their hair tied up in a ponytail. Please have goggles for your child if they want to wear them. Speedo Junior Hydospex are a great choice. The pool will not be able to supply goggles.
Once delivering your child to the designated lesson area, please move to a chair away from the poolside. We encourage you to watch the lesson but advise that you remain away from the pool side. Please do not hover; don’t send the message to your child that you don’t trust the instructors by lingering at the side of the pool. Please remain in your viewing spot throughout the entire lesson.
Instructors reserve the right to determine your child’s skill level and adjust class placement if necessary.

Program registration is for the totality of the program.


STP Swim Lesson Weather Policy:
We hope for beautiful, warm and sunny days for our swim lessons. However, Mother Nature often has a different plan. 
Swim lessons at STP will take place as scheduled if it is drizzly or raining. We will not hold lessons if there is torrential rain, thunder or lightning. 
We will make the decision to hold lessons a half hour prior to the start of the first lesson of the day. Please check for notifications posted on the MyRec Home page in the Green Announcement Section
If uncertain, you may call the pool at 203-262-0608.

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

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